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There are 8 holidays on the Soviet Calendar to choose from:

Date English Name Russian Name Remarks
January 1 New Year’s Day Новый год Arguably the largest celebration of the year. Most of the traditions that were originally associated with Christmas in Russia (Father Frost, a decorated fir-tree) were moved to New Year’s Eve after the Revolution and are associated with New Year’s Eve to this day.
February 23 Red Army Day День Советской Армии и Военно-морского флота (“Day of the Soviet Army and Navy”) Formation of the Red Army in February 1918. It wasn’t official holiday unlike others.Is currently called День защитника отечества (“Day of the Defender of the Fatherland”) in Russia
March 8 International Women’s Day Международный женский день, (Восьмое марта Vosmoe marta) An official holiday marking women’s liberation movement, popularly celebrated as a cross between American Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.
April 12 Cosmonautics Day День космонавтики (“Day of Cosmonautics”) The Day Yuri Gagarin became the first man in Space, in 1961.
May 1 International Labor Day (May Day) Первое Мая – День международной солидарности трудящихся (“International Day of Worker’s Solidarity”) Celebrated on May 1 and May 2. Now called Праздник весны и труда (“Celebration of Spring and Labor”).
May 9 Victory Day День Победы End of Great Patriotic War, marked by capitulation of Nazi Germany, 1945
October 7 USSR Constitution Day День Конституции СССР 1977 Constitution of the USSR accepted – December 5 previously from 1936 to 1977
November 7 Great October Socialist Revolution Годовщина Великой Октябрьской социалистической революции or Седьмое ноября Celebrating October Revolution of 1917. It has now been replaced with День примирения и согласия (“Day of Reconciliation and Agreement”), celebrated on a Nov. 7 (at least officially) before amendments in Labour Codex (adopted in December 2004, new holiday, which celebrates at November 4 is the People Unity Day (“День народного единства)” in Russia.